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Christian Service Program

Through the Christian Service program, students begin to understand people in need. They learn about the forces in society that cause poverty, hunger, prejudice, and other injustices. Students see how they can make a difference in these situations on a local and global level. DeLaSalle hopes that such service becomes a life-long habit for its graduates and requires that each student, including those who transfer into DeLaSalle after ninth grade, complete 60 hours of Christian Service by the end of the first semester of their 12th grade year. Each student will also complete a short reflection in their online journal at the end of each semester.

Students can record and track their hours through an online portal. The Service Learning Director will email students at the start of each school year with a link to record their hours. Students will also receive a summary each semester of total hours recorded to date.

Please have the following information available to successfully complete the online validation form:

  • Organization
  • Organization Phone Number
  • Description of the volunteer work you did
  • Supervisor’s Name
  • Supervisor’s Phone Number and Email Address
  • Date “signed“
  • Number of Hours Volunteer
  • Date(s) Volunteered