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DeLaSalle Theatre

Home of the award winning theatre program at DeLaSalle. Celebrating over 100 years of theatre.

The DeLaSalle Theatre program offers students opportunities to involve themselves in performing and technical areas in the theater arts whether it be drama, comedy, devised or musical productions. Students are the performers, technicians, hosts and promoters.

Our Current Production: FIREBRINGER

At the dawn of humanity, one tribe of cave-people survives the many trials of prehistoric life under the wise leadership of Jemilla, The Peacemaker. Jemilla taught her people to express themselves, rather than bashing each others' heads with rocks and eating each others' babies. But one member of the tribe doesn't seem to fit in: Zazzalil. She's always trying to invent things to make life easier… for herself. While out hatching her latest scheme, Zazzalil stumbles upon the most important discovery in history. One that will pit her tribe against wooly mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, and change the world forever. She'll travel from omega to alpha, and become… the Firebringer!

Show Times: October 14, 15, 28 & 29 at 7:30pm

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Our Program

DeLaSalle Theatre provides a highly recognized, award winning, inclusive performing and technical theatre arts program for DeLaSalle High School students every school year. This past year marks the 100th year of theatre on the island, which began in the 1921 - 1922 school year. Over this past season, we had over 140 students involved in our productions, where students learn the importance of teamwork while developing skills on stage, behind the scenes and production management. We have been recognized this year by the American High School Theatre Festival for our fall production, The Three Musketeers, received numerous Hennepin Theatre Trust SpotLight Education Awards for our fall musical, Chicago, and our spring musical, Catch Me If You Can, and belong to the highly competitive section 6AA in the Minnesota State High School League One-Act Play Festival. Our 2022 production, Coriolanus, took 2nd in sections.


I have experienced a sense of belonging at school in my theatre program. I feel connected there because I'm friends with all the people, and it's very enjoyable when I'm contributing there. My theatre director helped me feel noticed when I was made the lead of the sound crew.- Eva, Class of 2025


Awards & Recognition

Catch Me If You Can

Outstanding Achievement in Musical Theatre

The Hennepin Theater Trust SpotLight Education Program awarded our production with 30 awards; 10 production and  20 individual awards. Catch Me If You Can is a rousing musical set in the 1960’s and based on the unbelievable true story of one of the most famous con artists in history, Frank Abagnale Jr. A fast, rollicking musical, Catch Me If You Can tells the tale of an ingenious, yet lonely, boy looking for his place in the world.


Section 6AA Champion Runners Up 

Proudly taking second place in the 2022 Minnesota State High School League One-Act Play Festival was our original version of William Shakespeare's Coriolanus. Famed solider, Caius Marcius, returns home to Rome from the war with the Volscians a hero with great personal valor. His high honor being given the title of ‘Coriolanus after the defeat of the enemy in their own city, Corioli. Upon his return the senate elects him to succeed his friend Cominius as Consul, but the masses don’t agree that he is best suited to serve. Coriolanus tries to fight the will of the people, with tragic consequences.


Honorable Mention Achievement in Musical Theatre

The Hennepin Theater Trust SpotLight Education Program awarded our production with 26 awards; 11 production and  15 individual awards. Chicago is a dazzling and satirical look at fame, justice, and the media machine. Set in 1920s and based on real-life events, Chicago follows Roxie Hart, a wannabe vaudevillian star who murders her lover and is arrested, despite her attempts to convince her pushover husband, Amos, to lie for her. In the Cook County Jail, Roxie meets her hero, the famed double-murderess and nightclub performer Velma Kelly. When both acquire the same lawyer, the greedy superstar, Billy Flynn, tensions come to a head as they vie for the spotlight.

We are continuing to celebrate our 100th year of theatre on the island.

Make the world your stage!

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Recent Production History

With over 100 years of theatre history, were proud to share our recent productions as we build out our full production history.

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