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Praying with Lasallian Saints

The first criterion for a person being officially declared a saint in the Catholic Church is that he or she has lived and been recognized by the public for an extraordinarily holy Christian life.

The second criterion involves miracles. This criterion is met after the person’s death when people have prayed to the person (presumably in heaven), begging him or her to ask God for a miracle on their behalf, and two such miracles have been documented as really happening. If these two criteria are met, the Catholic pope may declare someone a saint. This process is called canonization; it means the person is put on the list (the canon) of saints.

A person with an extraordinarily holy Christian life who has been credited with one miracle is declared blessed. This beatification is the last step before sainthood.

The saintly Christian Brothers and their feast days are:

January 18 Saint Jaime Hilario
January 30  St. Mutien-Marie Wiaux
February 9 Saint Miguel Febres Codero
April 7 Saint John Baptist de La Salle
July 1 Blessed Martyrs of Valencia
August 13 Saint Benilde Romançon
September 2 Blessed Solomon Leclercq
September 2 The Blessed Martyrs of Rochefort
September 27 Blessed Scubilion Rousseau
October 9 Saintly Martyrs of Turon
October 23 Blessed Arnold Rèche
November 16 The Blessed Martyrs of Almeria