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International Students

Welcome to DeLaSalle and thank you for your interest in joining our school community! Our school is located conveniently within 15 minutes of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, and over the past two years we have welcomed students from France, Spain, China, Ukraine, Germany, Colombia, and Vietnam for semester, year-long and short-term exchange programs.

Located in the heart of Minneapolis, DeLaSalle provides students from around the world with a first-class, faith-based education and offers unparalleled resources in our urban, yet secluded environment. 

Please direct specific questions about international admission to the Director of the Global Advantage Program, Brad Casey.

Important Information

Contact Us

If you have questions about international student admission, please feel free to reach out to the below listed contacts:

Brad Casey, Director of Global Advantage Program

Sam Johnson, Director of Enrollment and Marketing

Brooke Hapuku, Associate Director of Admissions

Goanar Mar, Admissions Associate

International Student Application Process

  1. Complete the online application form
  2. Upload copies of transcripts translated into English to the online application portal
    1. Must include proof of English language competency (i.e. TOEFL)
  3. Request recommendation forms to be completed by past teachers (done through the online application portal)
    1. One form must be completed by a humanities teacher
    2. One form must be completed by a math/science teacher