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Student Services

The Office of Student Services supports students in registering for classes, managing student data, and providing academic records.

Anticipated Absence

Students who attend classes every day increase their chance of success in their studies. Parents may request that their child be absent for a single day or multiple days using the Anticipated Absence Form, which must be submitted to DeLaSalle at least three days prior to the first date of the anticipated absence. Students with approved absences have the obligation of completing the Anticipated Absence Form and making appropriate arrangements with teachers to ensure that all missed academic work will be completed.

anticipated absence form

How to Request a Transcript

If you attended or graduated from DeLaSalle and you need a copy of your transcript, please click on the yellow “Request a Transcript” button below to send an email to the school. Please include:

  • Your full name
  • Your graduation year (or if you did not graduate, which years you attended DeLaSalle)
  • The reason for your transcript request

request a Transcript

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