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Innovative Learning

Just like St. John Baptist de La Salle pioneered innovative ways of instructing students in 17th century France, teachers at DeLaSalle High School look for and use the latest 21st century methods of educating students.

DeLaSalle has led its peers among schools in Minnesota by incorporating technology into the classroom.

Center for Innovative Learning 

DeLaSalle’s Center for Innovative Learning, full of state-of-the-art technology and educational resources, enables students and teachers to work individually, in small groups, or as an entire class to advance their education. This space in the newly redesigned center of the school represents the innovative learning that occurs at DeLaSalle.

This project – the largest improvement of its kind in modern school history – puts DeLaSalle among the first high schools in Minnesota to add such a facility, just as we were among the first to implement a 1:1 tablet technology program six years ago.

Just as business environments and personal communications have evolved dramatically over the past 15 years, the days of students sitting in one place and listening to a lecture are giving way to interactive learning with students far more engaged in discovery. The design of the new CIL responds to this new pedagogy.  Adaptability and collaboration drive the design, as learning spaces accommodate both group projects and individual inquiry.  Almost all the furniture will be movable so that classes can quickly adjust their settings based on the day’s lesson.

What the Center for Innovative Learning Offers