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Physical Education

The purpose of the Physical Education program is to develop an individual’s ability to constructively use capacities for movement as a way of expressing, exploring, and interpreting oneself and one’s relationship with the world. Students will develop skills and knowledge of how and why one moves effectively through games, sports, dance, and exercise. The student will become knowledgeable about the history, rules, strategy, organization, equipment, and safety factors of the various activities. The student should also acquire respect and appreciation for good physical conditioning and develop an interest and a desire to participate in lifetime recreational activities.

Options are available for students to meet the credit requirements for Health and Physical Education:Wellness for Life. Both Health and PE:Wellness for Life must be taken within 10th, 11th, or 12th grade. Preference for enrollment will be given to 12th graders as these are required credits for graduation.

Students will have the opportunity to take the required semester credit of Health in a traditional classroom setting or in an online setting. The traditional Health or PE:Wellness for Life class will be offered either fall or spring semester. The Online Health and the Hybrid PE:Wellness for Life courses each cover one semester of material over a full-year and will be completed as an addition to seven other scheduled courses each semester.