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College Counseling

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This year we welcome Director of College Counseling, Jenny Moore, to the Island. Ms. Moore is both new to DeLaSalle and filling a position that is also new for our school. This year she will work in partnership with DeLaSalle School Counselors to provide a robust 9-12 college counseling program ensuring students have the support they need as they choose their postsecondary pathways, and create and execute plans to achieve their goals.

We believe in truly getting to know our students, helping them to identify their passions, partnering with families, and providing advising and support every step of the way as the high school college planning process unfolds. 

Our work includes, but is not limited to, activities such as: in-school student-focused programming; research, essay and application workshops; financial aid and scholarship support; small group focused support and workshops; family evening programs; individual counseling; student and parent meetings; hosting college rep visits; attending college fairs; career exploration, and more.

College Bound Student Athletes

Students interested in participating in collegiate athletics benefit from early and intentional planning in high school. The NCAA, for example, requires college bound student athletes to satisfy specific coursework, GPA, and sometimes test score requirements. We encourage anyone interested in this option to learn about the requirements per the NCAA Eligibility Center or the NAIA and reach out to their DLS college counselor and/or coach with questions.

Info for College Admission Reps

Thank you for partnering with us as we support the college aspirations of our amazing DeLaSalle students! We invite you to schedule a visit with us through RepVisits! Click here to view the DeLaSalle 2023-24 School Profile. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out

Jenny Moore
Director of College Counseling
(612) 676-7621

College Admissions Testing

The purpose of standardized tests such as the ACT and SAT has been to assess students' general educational development and preparedness for college-level coursework. Because these are national tests, colleges are able to compare scores from students around the country. 

More Testing Resources

Where We're From and Where We're Headed

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