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Terrell McMoore Named New Executive Director for Human Dignity and Inclusion

DeLaSalle Head of School and Principal, Jim Benson, is proud to announce that Mr. Terrell McMoore has been chosen to become the new Executive Director for Human Dignity and Inclusion at DeLaSalle. The position is new and quite important to the school, A search committee of current staff, administrators, and professionals who specialize in inclusive programming and practices interviewed several strong candidates for this new administrative position at the school. Finalist candidates then had the opportunity to share their vision for the position with additional stakeholders at DeLaSalle who, in turn, helped inform the selection process. “In the end, Terrell was able to articulate a vision that combined his years of experience doing equity work in other schools with his time at DeLaSalle, working with students, staff colleagues, and parents in the community,” noted Mr. Benson. “His experiences meshed with his first-hand observations in our hallways leads us to believe he will serve the people of DeLaSalle quite well.”

Currently one of the Deans of Students at DeLaSalle, Mr. McMoore will begin transitioning into his new role on April 18, even as he continues as a Dean through the end of this school year. In his new position, he will continue mentoring students and supporting faculty and staff. He will organize staff professional development opportunities and continue serving on the Student Support Team, all the while helping a Catholic, Lasallian school community with broad diversity among its families see the “holy presence of God” in every person and in every moment.

A message from Mr. McMoore: “I am excited to begin in this new position at DeLaSalle. In my time here, I have found the students and families to be fantastic to work with. DeLaSalle has welcomed me and helped me feel a sense of belonging to something that is bigger than all of us, and I will do all that I can to help every student and family feel the same. It’s sacred work, to see what God has offered to all of us. Especially working with teenagers, we have to recognize our call to treat one another with dignity and help each other feel like they belong in this community.

“From my work in the public sector and the broader community, I also know that it’s important to respond to the times in which we find ourselves. Our students will move into colleges and careers and communities where equity work, justice and service will always be part of their lives.“

Mr. McMoore has a BA in Psychology from the University of Northern Iowa and an MA in Educational Leadership – with an emphasis in Equity and Inclusion – from Concordia College in St. Paul. Prior to coming to DeLaSalle, he worked in Minneapolis public middle and high schools as a Dean of Students, coach and athletics administrator. He helped launch the equity and inclusion program at Edison High School and also served as an administrative lead in the school’s ELL program.

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