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School Bus Services

DeLaSalle Transportation coordinates the many daily bus routes and activities buses coming and going each school day. Conscientious cooperation from all students and parents will make this another safe and accident-free year!

All school bus routes will begin service the first day of school, Monday, August 27, 2012.  The routes are designed to arrive at DeLaSalle at 8:15am; classes begin at 8:30am.

For students who live in Minneapolis

By state law, DeLaSalle students who live in Minneapolis are eligible for free school bus transportation to and from DeLaSalle through the local public school transportation program.

DeLaSalle has again contracted Monarch Bus Company to provide daily bus service for students living in Minneapolis. A specific bus service request and phone calls to Monarch are not needed.  Families will automatically receive route information directly from Monarch in early August.

As of April 1, 2013, a bus stop will be terminated if it has been inactive for 10 consecutive school days. If you are involved in an activity and will not be riding for a prolonged period of time, please email so your stop is suspended, not terminated.

St. Paul and Suburbs (Out-of-District)

DeLaSalle Direct Service offers a few bus routes to St. Paul and suburban areas. Attempts are made to provide timely and efficient service to as many families as possible. Occasionally, this has entailed creating a "central stop," but usually stops are established near each student's residence. These Direct Service routes are re-drawn each summer based upon contract requests. Route information will come from DeLaSalle.

2014 - 2015 Transportation Request Form

Some school districts provide DeLaSalle families an opportunity to request transportation assistance for all eligible students who are legal residents of that school district. All DeLaSalle families requesting reimbursement must complete and submit to DeLaSalle's Main Office Form 1000 no later than one week after the first day of the school year. Particulars of this form vary from district to district and for that reason, DeLaSalle families wishing to be reimbursed for transportation expenses should complete the Form 1000 provided by DeLaSalle. To assist DLS families here are some helpful links:

Form 1000 - Request for Transportation Reimbursement
Reimbursement Requirements by District
School District Contact Information

Each school district's forms and process vary and families are encouraged to contact their district's transportation depart with questions.

Morning Arrivals

Each school day, 16 buses and 2 vans filled with Islander students arrive at DeLaSalle between 8:10 and 8:20am. To keep congestion to a minimum and safety at a maximum, adults who bring students in their own vehicles are encouraged to arrive before this time or consider pulling into the parking lot to stop to drop off students. Buses are required to unload at the curb.

End-of-the-School-Day Pick-ups

At 2:30pm, school buses begin to line up in the driveway street directly in front of DeLaSalle for the 3:00pm dismissal and afternoon routes. Adults picking up students in their own vehicles may not be in this driveway area; waiting on East or West Island Avenues makes for a quick and easy campus exit.

After-School Activities Buses

DeLaSalle runs team buses every afternoon taking student athletes to and from practices and games. In addition, visiting sports teams' buses also need an area to unload their players. To keep all students safe and the front street curb area open for bus loading and unloading, adults coming to pick up student athletes must wait (park) in the parking lot. Drivers who stop to pickup students in front of school are asked to be mindful of an arriving team bus and, if necessary, move their vehicles to allow the bus to unload its passengers at the curb.

Public Transportation

Metro Transit bus routes serving both St. Paul and Minneapolis stop daily and regularly at DeLaSalle High School. Contact Metro Transit directly at 612.373.3333 for route information. Metro Transit student bus passes are on sale at the DeLaSalle Student Activities office for $87.50. Passes are valid per quarter. You may find the quarter date ranges here.

Student Passes make you eligible for unlimited access to all regional buses and trains. For select Northstar fares above $3, add stored value to your Student Pass to cover the additional fare.

Driving to DeLaSalle

Students who will be driving to school must purchase a parking permit for their vehicles. Year-long permits are $150 and will be on sale in the Business Office on the following schedule. Students in Grade 12 may begin purchasing permits on August 27; Grade 11 on September 4; and Grade 10 beginning September 10.