Islander Net Community

DeLaSalle's Islander Net Community(INC) creates opportunities for effective and meaningful collaboration, communication and creativity between and among students, teachers and families. Working from the confines of their classroom, library, lunch table or home, students can read articles, conduct research and produce a presentation – that they can easily share with another student, teacher, or parent. Parents are able to monitor their student's work and progress. Islander Apps and IslePads are digital tools DeLaSalle uses to extend the classroom, expand learning and enrich student opportunities.

IslePad Program

Provides every DeLaSalle student with an individual tablet device in a 1-to-1, wireless networked environment which enhances the student's learning experience. The opportunity to use 1-to-1 devices gives students access to "anywhere and anytime learning" in classrooms, on and off campus, and at home. This personalized learning also narrows the digital divide between students, giving every student the best opportunity to succeed. The DeLaSalle IslePad Program aims to enable students to learn independently, collaborate with peers, and communicate their understandings using rich media. Ultimately, the goal of this effort is to help students strengthen the 21st century skills necessary for their future success.

Please click this link for more information on DeLaSalle's IslePad Program including the program manual and a FAQs.

INC Classroom

INC Classroom provides families access to view students' grades, conduct, and attendance records. It also lets families manage financial accounts by allowing them to make online tuition payments.

DeLaSalle uses Cornerstone as its INC Classroom tool. Cornerstone unites our community around a single powerful database where any user with an account (students, parents, staff, alumni) can access their information anywhere, anytime through a web browser on any Internet capable device.

Islander Apps

Islander Apps is a suite of online, cloud-based tools used by teachers and students to email and collaborate with one another. Teachers rely on Islander Apps for their classroom web presence, staff development and collaborative projects. DeLaSalle students use Islander Apps to write papers, create research projects and develop online portfolios of their work. This tool enables students to collaborate, submit and publish their work online, allowing them to communicate with an audience broader than their classroom when appropriate. Use of Islander Apps improves communication between teachers and students and increases the opportunity to engage students in their classwork. The use of Islander Apps benefits families by using the online forms function for submitting important feedback via surveys and questionnaires and the ability to subscribe to Activities practice schedules .


An alert module exists within Islander Net Community that allows the school to send automated alerts and notifications to users. The module allows parents to receive messages automatically when certain criteria are met (e.g. when a student is marked unexcused for the day or when DeLaSalle closes for a snow day). Notification settings were customized to the settings that families indicated on their school enrollment form; alerts can be received via text message, email, and voice message.

Emergency and school closing alerts are automatically sent via voice and text message to all home and cell phone numbers and via electronic message to all email addresses on file.

Other DeMail features for families include periodic emails relating to the Highlights alumni newsletter, school news and event registration reminders.

INC Website

The Islander Net Community website was created during 2009, had its first major revision in early 2011 and v2.0 will be fully functional in fall of 2011. Principal thoughts that guided the design include...

  • The website is intended to be the primary vehicle of communication:
    • between all current DeLaSalle stakeholders: students, parents and guardians, staff, Alumni and friends
    • for those seeking to learn more about DeLaSalle High School
  • INC website style is intended to:
    • make information easy to find require as few "clicks" as possible to find information
    • be flexible to allow for timely addition and deletion of content

Therefore, the INC website's homepage design is simple with comprehensive navigation options; both the Main Navigation on the left-hand side and Audience Navigation in the upper right-hand corner. These menus will change to meet the needs and desires of site visitors and to enable DeLaSalle to communicate to its stakeholders timely information. Additionally, every web page contains an easy-to-use 'Search Box' at the top of the page and useful links, like the 'Site Map' at the bottom.